Our Mission, in full alignment with the mission of the Sword of the Spirit international community of communities, is to answer the call to live, work and strive, by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that others might have true life in Christ, now and forever.

We are called to be a bulwark that defends people in this time of spiritual warfare and is an instrument for God’s work in difficult times (Ps 8:2). We are called to be a people that lives the Christian call radically as disciples so that the world might know that God has sent Jesus Christ (John 17:11). We are called to serve church and society by working to stem the tide of evil and promote holiness in the daily circumstances of our lives.

We are called to proclaim the kingdom of God by life and word so that others might come to conversion to Christ. We are called to bring others into communities and movements so that they can live effectively as Christians. We are called to live as disciples and work for truth and justice in the daily circumstances of life in such a way that we might leaven the situations we are in. We are called to defend Christian truth and morality in church and in society.

We do these things individually both in our daily lives and by serving in the community or its outreaches. We do these things corporately by opening our life to others, by maintaining outreaches, and by helping to build new communities.